Friday, 18 March 2011

Modern Morals

so i have decided on the title for my final major project ! eeek so scary as i don't have long left now !

this is just a little illustration i did for the power point of my FMP presentation.

The Brief: to create a campaign of some sort, introducing morals into the 21st century.
i have been influenced by Aesops fables, the tortoise and the hare, the wolf in sheeps clothing etc. i love the childlike fairytale style of them and how they subtly convey a message or lesson to be learned.
i want to update these type of stories so they have some relevance in todays society, its seems as though theses lovely little fables have been forgotten about and i think everyone could learn a thing or two from them. it seems todays society has alot to answer for when it comes to morality !!!

the outcome? i dont have a clue yet ! i thought about a book? but i want it to really be in your face, i dont want people to have the option as to whether they buy the book or not so maybe a poser campaing to go with it? (dont get me wrong its not going to be some propaganda campaign forcing moral behaviour on people)
i have alot of work to do !!!!!!!

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